Ravenshead u3A Committee meet on most 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 10.00 a.m. We now continue to do this ‘virtually’ by using Zoom.

The 2023 AGM was held on Tuesday 13th June at the Monthly Meeting in St. Peter’s Church.

The following members were appointed to the committee:

We now have only one phone number, 0300 030 2990 which redirects calls in a sequence to members of the committee.

Please state clearly who you wish to speak with, and the person answering will arrange with them to call you back if they aren’t able to answer your query themselves.

John Butler
Vice Chair
Alan Ratcliffe
Business Secretary
Sue Owen
Membership Secretary
Andy Bebbington
Website & Beacon
Terry Moore
Groups Co-ordinator
Anne Eldridge
Meetings Organiser
Sue Butler
Speaker Finder
Judith Moore
Trips Co-ordinator
Halinka Rajchel
Assistant Treasurer
Alan Walker
Gift Aid Treasurer
Alan Ratcliffe

Committee Member
Louise Fanfarillo

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