GROUP – Hikers (5-8 miles)

Group Leader: Brenda Sibley

The group meets at least one Wednesday each month. The week may vary.

About our Group

After a break of 15 months due to Covid, the Hikers re-started their walks with a change of Group Leader. Steve ably led the group for several years but circumstances meant he was not able to lead the group.

The Hikers group have continued to enjoy a hike between 5 and 8 miles each month for some time now. 

We are continuing the group with one walk per month, i.e., 2nd Wednesday and there is still the hope that we will be able to increase again to two Wednesdays per month if enough group members continue to add walks to the programme.

Leader’s Report

Since we re-started, we have mainly walked in Nottinghamshire, but some in Derbyshire have been organised. As the days lengthen and the weather improves, we are hoping to do more walks in Derbyshire.

The weather has been good on most of the walks so far, but that cannot be guaranteed!

The group enjoyed a Christmas walk and lunch at the Centre in December 22 and a similar activity has been booked for the end of 2023.

We look forward to many more walks and invite members to plan a route and let the group leader know so it can be put in the ‘Diary’. (Brenda)

See the Diary of Events for more information about what is planned.

New Members

New Group Member App Form

New Member Hiking Advice

Archive & Blog

As a group we hold an Archive of previous walks and also have a historical Blog

Link to Group Archive on Google Drive

Link to Ru3a Hikers Blog Page

    Group Contact Details & Group Advice

    If you are not yet a member of Ravenshead u3a and would like to find out more about this group, then contact the Group Leader using the link below.

    • Walking Boots, Hiking/Trekking Sticks, Warm/ Waterproof clothing and a personal first aid kit are advisable.
    • New members are warmly welcomed!.
    • All the Hikers members are encouraged to submit their favourite walks, pass to the group leader your favourite start points and grid references and work together to expand the list of Hikes/Walks.
    • Unless announced otherwise, car sharing, when people feel appropriate, for all walks will assemble at the Sherwood Ranger for a 9.30am departure. Until that time, timing will be given when individual walk details are given.
    • All Ru3a members wishing to join the Hikers Group are required to print off the Hikers Enrolment Form and complete it by hand. Please hand completed forms to the group leader at the next Ravenshead monthly meeting or at the beginning of a Walk

    Contact our Group Leader : Brenda Sibley

    Meeting Schedule

    Refer to the Beacon Diary of Events and filter by using the group name in the Groups filter drop-down box

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