Monthly Meetings

St Peter’s Church, 55 Sheepwalk Lane, Ravenshead NG15 9FD

Members meet each month on the 2nd Tuesday at St. Peter’s Church Ravenshead. We are given information about future trips and events, news about interest groups, as well as taking a break for a cup of coffee and a chat! A visiting speaker usually follows this for about an hour. The topics are wide and varied. The next one can be viewed on our home page.

To find out more about Ravenshead u3a why not come along as a guest to one of our meetings? You will be met by our ‘welcomers’ and they will sign you in as a guest. There is no charge, but hopefully, you will decide to join!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Forthcoming meetings:


Tue Jan 9th 2024Monthly Meeting, St. Peters Church, Ravenshead 10.00am
Speaker: Dave Andrews
Title: Richard III – Mystery Man – the Bones in the Car Park

What sort of a man was Richard III really, and how did he end up under a car park in Leicester?
This illustrated talk combines the story of Richard III’s life and his place in 15th century history with the amazing story of the search for his bones which were eventually discovered under a Leicester car park.

Dave played a major part in Radio Leicester’s coverage of the story including providing the commentary of Richard’s reburial in Leicester Cathedral. Pictures and sound from the time of this amazing story illustrate the talk.

Dave is an ex-history teacher and BBC broadcaster. He is also a deputy to the Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire.
Tue Feb 13th 2024Monthly Meeting: Speaker: Vince Eager: “Never too old to rock & roll”
This month we will welcome Vince Eager, the singer and entertainer. His talk is entitled “You’re never too old to rock and roll”
Tue Mar 12th 2024Monthly Meeting, Speaker: Canon Alan Haydock:
Title: Confessions of a Country Vicar
An entertaining talk about the often-amusing life of a rural parson.
Alan, who hails from Wigan, was educated at Ely’s King School and trained at Kelham Theological College. Ordained in 1965 at Southwell Minster, he has served the whole of his ministry in Nottinghamshire, becoming Canon of Southwell Minster in 1986. A keen supporter of both Notts. County and Forest, Alan has also served on the committee of Nottinghamshire Cricket Club and has raised over £120,000 for charity from his speaking fees.
St. Peters Church, Ravenshead 10.00am
Tue Apr 9th 2024Members Monthly Meeting, St. Peters Church, Ravenshead 10.00am
Speaker: Phil Cooper
Title: “The Birds and Beasts od Costa Rica and Rainforests of the Austrians”

A talk about a trip to Costa Rica featuring exotic wildlife and the conservation project ‘The Rainforest of the Austrians’.
Tue May 14th 2024Monthly Meeting : AGM
Further details to follow.
Tue Jun 11th 2024Monthly Meeting Speaker: David Skillen: Title : The Gretna Girls and the Devil’s Porridge
Everyone has heard of Gretna Green, yet few people have heard of HM Factory, Gretna. In 1915. A huge and top secret factory was constructed to provide ammunition for the war effort. It was designed and built in a matter of months and staffed by women and girls from all over the UK and beyond. Two new towns, Gretna and Eastriggs, were built to accommodate the workers. The amazing achievement was vital in helping the British Army to final victory in World War One.
In this fully illustrated talk we will look closely at the fascinating story of the people who lived and worked at Gretna making the very dangerous ‘Devils Porridge’.
St. Peters Church, Ravenshead 10.00am
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