Welcome from our Chair

I’m John Butler, Chair of the Ravenshead u3a.

Ravenshead is a large village and residential community of about 6,000 people situated between Mansfield & Nottingham.

We are a locally run charity group, part of a secular UK charity organisation that provides a wide range of opportunities for older people to come together to make the most of life once they have some spare time.

Our u3a gives you the chance to develop your interests, make new friends, and enjoy yourself.

As we like to say : Learn, Laugh & Live!

So Who are We and What do We Do?

We are a registered charity (number 1154123) and we aim to facilitate educational, leisure and social activities at minimal cost for older people who have some spare time.

Ravenshead U3A was established in January 2012 and now has approximately 400 members.

The model is peer to peer learning, and activities are organised by fellow members. Any member can start an interest group, and the group members learn together and from each other. We do not have paid tutors.

Whilst it serves Ravenshead village and surrounding districts, anyone in the national U3a movement can join as an Associate Member.

Interest Groups

There are over 40 individual interest & activity groups, which meet monthly in ‘The Centre’ at St Peter’s, the Ravenshead Village Hall, the Ravenshead Leisure Centre, or individual member’s homes. Some groups also meet on Zoom.

Subjects are varied and range from physical activities such as walking, hiking, pickleball and table tennis, practical activities such as craft and knitting, and some more traditional subjects such as Science & Technology and languages including Latin, French & German. We have a large Weekenders group which is popular because it gives members the opportunity to meet and do things at weekends which can be very lonely for those on their own. We also organise day trips out to venues of interest using Ravenshead Community Transport minicoaches, and to other events throughout the year.

We are always looking out for new ideas.

MONTHLY MEETINGS ARE HELD AT 10.00 a.m. ON THE SECOND TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH AT ST. PETER’S CHURCH. People interested in learning more about the U3A movement are welcome to attend.

New Members can join our U3A by using the New Member Application Form

By all means give the Membership Secretary, Andy Bebbington (01623 405526) a call if you wish to discuss any aspect of joining Ravenshead u3a.

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